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Prevention Services Program is based on building partnerships in the community to maximize positive outcomes for our children, youth, and families in Hampton and Newport News.

A variety of Prevention Services being delivered in multiple settings in collaboration with our community partners who include schools, community youth servicing, faith based organization and cooperation with other private and public groups.

Community Builders Network (CBN)

CBN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving as a coordinating organization for Hampton and Newport News community-based coalitions dedicated to collaboratively implement prevention programs targeting the healthy development of children, youth, adults, families, communities and schools. CBN focuses on youth and adult partnership in the community.

VISION: Each and every youth and adult will work together to build a healthier community.

MISSION: To promote positive youth and adult development within the cities of Hampton-Newport News.

For More Information Contact: cbnpartnership@gmail.com

Peninsula Trauma Informed Community Network (PTICN)

A network of agencies and organizations from Hampton and Newport News committed to increasing awareness of traumatic stress; addressing the impacts of all types of adverse experiences. Each partner shares the common characteristics of spreading awareness; conducting training; supporting and implementing new practices in schools, courts, and community services and much more to build a trauma-informed community. PTICN help to connect practice across disciplines and help to identify gaps and how policies can be implemented.

Go to this website for more information – https://vakids.org/trauma-informed-va


HNNCSB Preventions Services is a division of the Hampton/Newport News Community Services Board.